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Centre for Enlightened Leadership

Quinta das Achadas Ruivas, P.O. Box 495, 8600 Lagos, Portugal    

A case for urgency
The goal of enlightened leadership is to create organisations in which people can discover and develop their full potential - not just because such organisations will be the sole survivors in the new struggle of the fittest, but also because it will create more happiness in the corporate environment, a valuable goal by itself.

Very soon, in fact, happiness may well be the most valuable goal, even in a strict fiscal sense. In a world of freely moving talent, the talent will go where it is most happy. More and more frequently we see highly talented people accept pay below their maximum earning potential to join organisations they love, respect, or simply feel at home with. This changes the rules of the game, certainly in the sectors where human contributions are most vital to the bottom-line.

Which forces us to consider: who really are the fittest these days? The 'lean and mean' shops that manage to pay the lowest hourly wage, no medical? The 'world class combatants' that squeeze the last ounce of juice out of their work force by setting ever higher performance targets? The companies - according to Canadian management-guru Harry Mintzberg, home to over half the US work force - where people scurry around hectically, living in mortal fear of being fired?

CEL's founders are convinced that the happiest are the fittest, and that in the corporate world of today, what is really playing now is the survival of the happiest.

Create happiness, or loose it.

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