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Centre for Enlightened Leadership

Quinta das Achadas Ruivas, P.O. Box 495, 8600 Lagos, Portugal    

To stimulate evolutionary thinking - and where necessary revolutionary thinking - about the contributions to society that we expect from corporations, and about the contributions to corporate renewal that we expect from individuals in leadership positions.

Short term aim
To serve as a European clearing house of information (digital and conventional) on new, 'enlightened' forms of leadership, both theoretical and practical; a centre for executive regeneration; and a spiritual home for all who feel that corporate activity should enrich, not just the owners of a corporations' capital, but all those who are impacted by its activities one way or another, wherever in the world they may be.

Mid term aim
To establish the Centre for Enlightened Leadership as one of Europe's most vocal and most articulate forces in the field of corporate transformation; to serve as a spiritual home to all those, young and old, who question current corporate priorities and practices and their underlying assumptions, and are looking for both guidance and companionship in their quest for new, workable ideas about the role of corporations in society, and their own roles in those corporations. Additionally: to serve as a centre for informal post-graduate education, which speeds up younger members' development by engaging them in intimate, topical discussions with mature business leaders.